About Caty

Thank you so much for visiting Caty Catherine! I'm pretty sure you're here for an SVG really and not to hear about me! But let's break the ice anyways ;)

I love how over the years I've managed to pick up various skills that now allow me to do what I enjoy and bring unique and quality SVG files to everyone. Especially those people on a low income who are still able to craft thanks to my daily freebies.

Pre Caty Catherine and the daily freebies, I was an accountant (believe it or not!). Although the geek in me loved working with the numbers and the challenges, accounting was never really suited towards my personality!! With Caty Catherine I'm free and able to create whatever comes to mind, and if you've followed me for a while you know that's a broad spectrum! :)

When I'm not designing or creating, I absolutely love hiking and traveling! The above pic is of me somewhere in the Mojave Desert on a recent trip to Nevada! Though I'm slightly in love with the USA, I'm from England in the United Kingdom! And that's where you'll find me... most of the time ;)

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