Thursday 17 May 2018 - How My Designs Helped A Young Women's Outreach Project

Posted by Caty Catherine on 5/17/2018 to Get Inspired
Thursday 17 May 2018 - How My Designs Helped A Young Women's Outreach Project
So! Today I received a fabulous 5 Star Review from Joanne Jopling! She mentioned how she uses my designs to help decorate rooms and hallways and such for young women and mothers within their outreach project. She said it helped to 'inspire' them! I just had to know more!

I obviously thanked Joanne for her review but then reached out privately to find out more about her project and what it is they actually do for these young women! I must admit, it was rather humbling to be told this. 

Here is a write up from Joanne explaining what it is they actually do and how my designs have helped. 

The Young Women's Outreach Project was established in 1992 to provide a specialist service to young women aged 11 to 19 years across in the North East of England. We work with young women and young mothers supporting and guiding them through crises in their lives. These crises can be finding out that they are pregnant, problems or struggling in schools, mental health issues, rape, self-harm, lack of confidence and self-belief, violence or sexual exploitation, the list goes on and on.

Many young women and mothers are referred to the project by a vast range of professionals, such as social workers, teachers, emotional well-being and family intervention teams. Young women often refer themselves or ring in when they feel they are in crisis or need support through a particular issue.  For years we have had the famous toilet in there - the whole toilet is covered in postcards! Thought-provoking, challenging, inspirational postcards and it's taken 25 years of people collecting them ... let's just say people go in and read the walls ... and it takes them a while to come out... inspired of course! Even Princess Kate has been in there!

We are a charity and we don’t have a lot of money.. so we have to use all the resources we can... and we are very crafty! We had just moved into a new building with no money for moving or decorating and we struggled on and did it all ourselves! Then we found the amazing CATY CATHERINE! She gave the most inspirational images for free!!!! FREE! We could not believe our luck !!! Who was this amazing woman? 

We wanted to build a new space that was like home from home with sofas and soft furnishings, a safe space for young women and young mothers (who are constantly portrayed negatively or have so much negativity in their lives). We needed a space that provided that “hug”! Caty, from the moment I found her, I knew she would bring such inspiration! Anyway, so back to the toilet! I wanted to ensure that every room we have has positive messages and the girls love them. They come into a special place where they are valued and inspiration is on every wall, toilets, hallways, group rooms - all to remind them that someone cares ... thank you Caty from us all at the Young Women’s Outreach Project .....just know every day that they read your words and that empowers them x

So like I said, I was very humbled! I think it is absolutely awesome what Joanne and her colleagues are doing for these young women and I'm proud to play a small part in it. If you'd like more information on their charity, please visit:

Joanne supplied a few pictures of my designs scattered around! Take a look!

If you have been inspired by any of my designs, please Contact Me and I'll be happy to listen to your story and share with everyone else (if it's OK with you of course!)

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