About Caty Catherine

Thank you so much for visiting Caty Catherine! I’m pretty sure you’re here for an SVG really and not to hear about me! But let’s break the ice anyways!

I love how over the years I’ve managed to pick up various skills that now allow me to do what I enjoy and bring unique and quality SVG files to everyone. Especially those people on a low income who are still able to craft thanks to my daily freebies.

With Caty Catherine I’m free and able to create whatever comes to mind, and if you’ve followed me for a while you know that’s a broad spectrum!

When I’m not designing or creating, I absolutely love travelling! The pic is of me somewhere in the Mojave Desert on a trip to Nevada! Though I’m slightly in love with the USA, I’m from England in the United Kingdom! And that’s where you’ll find me… most of the time!

And so, the journey begins…

I officially set out on the Caty Catherine journey towards the end of October 2017. I committed myself to offering the daily freebie and I’ve never looked back! 🙂

October 2017

My first 1000 likes on Facebook!! I had a feeling at this point that this was going to be a fun and rewarding journey! People were enjoying what I offered and that’s a great feeling! 🙂

november 2017

5000 likes on Facebook!! I’m so proud of how it’s grown!! 🙂

february 2018

Super proud that one of my designs made it into an HTV layering tutorial over on Crifty Crafty! 🙂 The tutorial is pretty awesome too!

march 2018


I have a little boy who’s six years old, you may see me from time to time refer to him as ‘little man’. He often ‘helps’ with the daily freebies, as you can see from the pic below! He wraps his foot around my laptop just so I know he’s there if I need any help 😉

april 2018

When I read this review from Joanne, it really hit home the impact my designs have for some people and how my daily freebies give charities or those people on a low income the chance to carry on crafting. The fact that I was able to help inspire these women really humbled me!

may 2018

Have been able to use Catys amazing talents to decorate and inspire young women and young mothers with decorations in…

Posted by Joanne Jopling on Thursday, May 17, 2018

I launched Caty Catherine on Twitter! 🙂

Be sure to follow me if Twitter is your thing! Show me some ❤ 🙂 

JULY 2018

So in my attempt to keep up with the cool kids 😉 my Instagram journey begins!!

If you’re on Instagram, please give me a follow and show me some ❤ 🙂

JULY 2018

Facebook launches their Top Fan Badges for Business Pages and I think they’re awesome!

If you want one then like my Facebook page and start interacting! Like my posts, share them and comment! Then wear your badge with pride! 🙂

APRIL 2019

An email landed from Made by Cooper regarding a competition to win enamel pin badges of your design! I decided to enter my super popular LION HEAD design and called on my Peeps for help!

Turns out y’all came through for me and I WON! Woohoo!

JUNE 2019

An email dropped in my inbox this morning to enter a competition… so why not?! I'm feeling lucky!! 😀👊🍀 Sooo… here is…

Posted by Caty Catherine on Sunday, June 2, 2019

So, this was a nemesis month for me. I had major surgery and for the first time since launching I ‘disappeared’ from your screens. Thankfully, all was well and I recovered just fine but I didn’t return fully until mid-November.

Your well wishes and support really blew me away! Thank you for being there, sincerely.


Hey everyone! I thought I’d give you an update!! I can see all your beautiful messages coming through and each one of…

Posted by Caty Catherine on Sunday, November 3, 2019

It’s a strange world we find ourselves in at the moment.

COVID-19 has hit and we’re in lockdown. I never thought I’d witness such in my lifetime.

My love to all of you, stay safe!

However, it’s nice to see that we can retain our sense of humour in such drastic times 🙂

APRIL 2020

Wednesday's FREEBIE!! ❤️ Drink Enough So That You Pee Often! How Else Will You Use Up The Toilet Roll Stash?! Funny COVID-19 Water Tracker SVG Cut File 😀 http://ow.ly/itJZ50zlHpp

Posted by Caty Catherine on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

When Charissa sends me this message…

“Thanks for making the SVG! I wore it on my last day of chemo !!🥰🥰”

No words necessary!

JULY 2020

Thanks for making the svg! I wore it on my last day of chemo !!🥰🥰

Posted by Charissa Jean Bates on Saturday, June 27, 2020