Orders & Downloads

  • I can’t see my freebie orders prior to August 2020, why not?

    catycatherine.com migrated platform in August 2020 and it wasn’t possible to carry over all of the freebie orders prior to this date due to the sheer volume of them. I, therefore, made the decision to only pull through ‘paid’ orders where you had paid over money to receive the file. These ‘paid’ orders are available in the My Downloads section. I sent out notifications about this several times and also made it clear that this didn’t mean I wouldn’t honour the historical freebies.

    I opened applications to pull through your historical orders and this application process was open from August 2020 to early January 2021. All applications received were honoured. I have now taken the decision to no longer accept applications for historical orders as I feel enough time and resources has been dedicated to this already.

    Hopefully, the majority of you either downloaded the files when you first ordered them or you took advantage of the above process and had them added to your account. It is time to move onwards and upwards with the new site. I appreciate your support on this.

    And of course, you can still take advantage of the daily freebies that I’m still offering 🙂 - you can view the current freebies here!

  • Yes, upon successfully completing checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email that will include a download link to your purchased files.

    If you're not seeing an email be sure to check your spam or junk folders and if you’re using Gmail, then also check your Social and Promotions tabs.

    Add [email protected] to your address book or safe list to make sure it doesn’t get flagged as spam.

    Also, please note that you are able to access your file by visiting the My Download section at any time.

  • No, your download links will remain active indefinitely.

General Support

  • I believe you offer a daily freebie? Is this correct?

    Yes! I certainly do! Each and every day of the year, I will create a new file and offer it free. Each design launches at midnight (GMT) and will stay free for 48 hours – this is to account for each time zone. After the 48 hours is up, the offer will have ended but the file will still be available to purchase. You can view the current freebies here.

  • How do I get one of your freebies?

    There is now a link in the top menu bar titled ‘Daily Freebies‘. This will take you directly to the current freebies. As each one is free for 48 hours, there will always be two freebies on offer. When signed in, you will be able to download them in one click, simply by clicking ‘Download Now’. Download the file and unzip, then you’re good to go!

  • What are your support hours Caty?

    Well, to answer in short, I don’t really have set hours! Just contact me anytime. The only time you may find a delay in me responding is if I’m asleep (I’m in the UK, so GMT time) or if my little man is demanding my attention. You’ll find me super approachable and I’ll always get back to you at my earliest convenience. Please use the contact form on the Contact page should you need assistance.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the nature of my products I DO NOT offer refunds. If you misplace your file, I’d be happy to send over a replacement. Please just contact me with your request and order number. You can also download from within the My Account section at any time.

  • Does your license cover commercial use?

    Yes, my licensing allows for commercial use. Please see my licensing page for further details.

    Any previously purchased Standard / Unlimited Commercial Licenses will be honoured in full. Please retain your order confirmation as proof of your license.

Technical Assistance / Software Compatibility

  • Do I need any specific software to use your files?

    To be able to use my SVG files you will need to have some SVG compatible software installed.

  • Can you suggest any SVG compatible software?

    I use a bunch of different software depending on my mood or requirements, but my main go-to is Adobe Illustrator. Other software programs available include Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space, Inkscape (this one is FREE!), CorelDraw, Canvas Software & eCal Software. Some are specific to certain cutting machines.

  • Are your files compatible with Cricut cutting machines?

    Yes! My files are compatible with Cricut Design Space.

    Be sure to upload the SVG file into Cricut Design Space and not one of the image files, as the SVG file includes all of the layers and cut lines.

  • Are your files compatible with Silhouette cutting machines?

    Yes! My files are compatible with Silhouette Studio, though you need to have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and not the basic edition to be able to import SVG’s. This is a limitation set by Silhouette and not myself.

    Please note, however, that .studio files are proprietary to Silhouette America, and their sale by any third party is strictly prohibited. Hence why I don’t and can’t include this format with your download.

  • I have installed a font and it isn’t showing within Silhouette Studio?

    So, Silhouette Studio seems to have an issue displaying fonts sometimes, they are aware of the issue and have created a helpful blog post on how to fix this – here is the link for you:


    If you’re on Windows, the following instructions should help:

    1. Press the Windows and R Keys.
    2. Type %localappdata% into the Run box.
    3. Press Okay.
    4. Open the Microsoft folder.
    5. Open the Windows folder.
    6. Open the Fonts folder.
    7. Right-click on each font.
    8. Select “Install for ALL Users”.

    I’ve had lots of reports on this issue and lots of feedback that the above seems to do the trick. I hope it helps.

  • I can’t seem to find an SVG file within my download folder?

    The majority of my designs come in six different formats – AI, DXF, EPS, JPG, PNG & SVG.

    Depending on your operating system and settings, the SVG files may display as an HTML Document – for example, if you use the Chrome browser by default, it will display as a Chrome Document.  The SVG is the file that contains the layers and cut lines, so it is more than likely that this is the file you need to upload.

  • Can I place an order (paid or free) on my phone?

    Sure! Of course, you can! I know it’s not always possible to get to your laptop or computer, so good news is you can use my site on your mobile and checkout from there. You’ll still receive your confirmation and download link as normal. Just head back to download from a laptop or computer when it’s more convenient. It is possible to use the files on your mobile or tablet too, but you'll need an app from the App Store that allows for the use of zip files. A quick search will show up lots of free options. 

How can I Support or Thank Caty Catherine?

  • Can I send you a tip / donation?

    This would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 🙂 You can do so easily by heading to my PayPal link - https://PayPal.Me/CatyCatherine and entering the amount (small or large) that you're able to donate.

    You can also donate easily in one click by selecting a donation amount on the checkout page.

    All donations will receive a personal thank you from me as without this kind of support, I wouldn't be able to continue with the daily freebies. So, thank you again!

  • But I can't afford a Donation? What else can I do to support Caty?

    Although monetary donations help me to continue what I do and to offer the daily freebies, for those on low incomes there are other ways to show your appreciation. Any of the following would be appreciated:


    This may seem obvious but it's so important! Depending on what social network you prefer, use the following to tag me in your creations and give me credit as the designer!





    Be sure to tell all of your crafting buddies that you've found this awesome site that offers SVGs for FREE each day! They will love you for it! And so will I!


    If you create a wonderful gift or product to sell, then, by all means, take the credit for that! But if anyone asks you...is it your design? Did you design it yourself? Then please let them know about me! 🙂


    If you see somebody in one of your craft groups (or anywhere online for that matter) sharing my designs for free, then please show your support and tell them how uncool it is! Post the link to where people can purchase it! Report the post to Admin! This really is a never-ending battle folks and I can't tackle this on my own! I need my peeps! YOU GUYS!

  • Are you on Patreon?

    Patreon is a membership platform based in the United States that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or "patrons". If you would like to become one of my Patrons - please visit Caty Catherine on Patreon by clicking here.

Get SOCIAL with Caty Catherine

  • Is Caty Catherine on Facebook?

    You can find Caty Catherine on Facebook by clicking here.

    Be sure to 'like' the page and set your notifications to 'See First' so that you get notified when I post the new freebies each day. If you don't do this, it's likely that I will get lost in your feed and you'll miss out on the freebies.

  • Is Caty Catherine on Instagram?

    Yes, you can find Caty Catherine on Instagram by clicking here.

    Be sure to follow my page and show my posts some love 

  • Is Caty Catherine on Twitter?

    Yes, you can find Caty Catherine on Twitter by clicking here.

    Be sure to follow my page and show my posts some love ❤, even better, REPOST them for me!

  • Is Caty Catherine on Pinterest?

    Yes, you can find Caty Catherine on Pinterest by clicking here. Be sure to follow my page and repin my posts! I'll love you for it!

    I also have a board titled #madewithcatycatherine that showcases some of the creations of my loyal followers - I love it when my works finds a good home 😉

  • Is Caty Catherine on YouTube?

    Yes, you can find Caty Catherine on YouTube by clicking here.

    Give me a subscribe so that you see when I launch a new tutorial. Showing me some love and posting a comment always helps too!